The Shining Feeling

When our energy clears, our nervous system calms and our heart is open and present we can gain access to a beautiful place which I call The Shining Feeling. This is a place of great joy where we can fully access our intuitive guidance and experience the fullness of life.

The Shining Feeling can arrive in so many moments.


When you sit with another and you feel their nervous system calm, they breathe out everything and you breathe in together.

Feeling the warmth and softness of your dearest beloved pet on your lap as your hand softly strokes their fur.

In the moment you pause, stop and are absolutely present as you witness a beautiful sunset. It is when you feel the presence of your friend listening to you with no distraction, no expectation, no judgement. The Shining Feeling is there when you feel your love sitting right there beside you, loving and accepting you.

The Shining Feeling is within the hug of your dear friend who is there with you in the moment. You feel your friend shift slightly and feel their arm around your shoulder and yours around their waist. You stand together, observe and appreciate. Nothing further is needed.

The Shining Feeling is in the moment your child walks up to you and wraps their arms around you and is just there, right there. No words are needed in The Shining Feeling.

Small steps bring us to the place within where we can experience The Shining Feeling. It is not about what those around us are doing or experiencing, it is contained and is accessed from within ourselves. Emotional well being can transform step by step.

Welcoming in clarity and balance

When we spend time together we focus on clearing and balancing your body, mind, energy, heart

and emotions.

Clarity and balance in these areas brings forward momentum and access to The Shining Feeling a beautiful place where

* your energy is clear

* your nervous system is calm

* your heart is open and

* your mind is still and present

From this place the next step on your path becomes more clear.

Innate Worth

You are worthy of receiving love and care just by being who you are. There is nothing more you need be or do. There is no need to hold back or reserve your love and care only for others. You are worthy and deserving right now.

I am here to remind you that you are worthy of all the wonder and amazingness that life has to offer, right now, not at some point in the future, right now. I see the worthiness in you, even when you have forgotten it yourself.

I'd love to help you remember this and come back to the place of realising your own innate worth, the worthiness you were born with, the worthiness I can see in you which may feel hidden from your own view.

Emotions can provide us with wonderful guidance in our lives

When we notice, experience and accept the emotions we are feeling in any moment they can provide us with powerful assistance.

We are often taught to push down and ignore the negative emotions we are feeling and even to minimise our experiences of the positive emotions in the rush to get on with life and get things done.

I encourage you to consider pausing a moment to notice, experience and accept the emotions which come up for you. These emotions can give you a roadmap to help you decide what is the right decision for you, whether something is right or wrong for you and whether action needs to be taken.