Energy Healing Appointment
In Person, Zoom or Phone Call

The intention for these appointments is to address what is appearing in your life at the present. A painful emotion, conflict or a repeating pattern. This can be done in person at my healing room in Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand, via Zoom or phone call. What ever suits you best.

Full Service

In Person, Zoom or Phone Call

12 appointments over 6 months

In person or Zoom $1500

3 Stages over 6 months


The intention for this 6 month container is for you to access, stay within and expand your own personal Shining Feeling.


1) Welcoming The Shining Feeling


  • From over giving to putting yourself first

  • From unworthiness to knowing your innate worth

  • Opening to receiving support from life and the people who truly care for you

  • Freeing yourself from past trauma

  • Revealing and clearing patterns from the past

  • From busyness to calm clarity

2) At Home in The Shining Feeling


  • Caring for your inner child

  • Fearlessly being you

  • Accessing and trusting your intuition


3) Expanding The Shining Feeling


  • Connections – Relationship as our greatest teacher

  • Energy Drainers

  • Boundaries and Advocacy

  • Offering others full responsibility for their lives

  • The power of intention

Moving Forward Reflection
Zoom or Phone Call
No charge

This is a gentle space where we can clarify with no pressure whether Energy Healing may be helpful for you.