Emotional well being is about accessing what is inside us to experience the fullness of life

When we spend time together we focus on clearing and balancing your body, mind, energy, heart

and emotions.

Clarity and balance in these areas brings forward momentum and access to The Shining Feeling a beautiful place where

* Your energy is clear

* Your nervous system is calm

* Your heart is open and

* Your mind is still and present

From this place the next step on your path becomes more clear.

Moving Forward Reflection Zoom Call
No charge

It would be lovely to connect with you and begin getting to know you in this free 15 minute Zoom call. As we reflect together on your experiences, you will feel as if you're receiving a warm embrace where I listen deeply and offer intuitive guidance just for you.

Zoom or in person Emotional Wellbeing &
Energy Healing

Incorporating all my gifts of Clear Sight we will work together to clear and balance your Emotional, Physical and Energetic bodies assisting you on your journey into The Shining Feeling.



The Shining Feeling Reading and Full Clearing

Incorporating all my gifts of Clear Sight this service gives a comprehensive emotional, physical and energetic tune up giving a feeling of lightness, clarity and forward momentum and powerful next steps for your journey.


You are first invited to a half hour Zoom session with me where I will tune in to your energy and you will be deeply heard and seen to share what ever is in your heart.


2 days after we meet on zoom, you will receive an email allowing you to reflect on your beautiful life today and identify area’s where you would like to experience, healing, clearing and shifts. 

From these two things I will read your energy and carry out a clearing and balancing of your physical, emotional and energetic body. Your reading will describe all that has been cleared and balanced, as well as what I see as the most powerful next steps for you in your wellbeing. You will receive the reading and a description of the energy healing I have carried out back via email within 48 hours.

New Zealand

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