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Energy Magic Experience

My Energy Magic Experience gives you space to receive magic just for you. To be unburdened of the challenges you have felt stuck with, to let go of things which have felt like for ever, to bring back the lightness and sparkle which making the future seem full of possibility.

If you’ve been thinking about energy healing or my work has been on your radar this could be the perfect place to begin.

This appointment includes emailed reflection questions sent at your time of booking to maximize the outcomes and magic you receive in our time together.

In person or via Zoom $150, 30 minutes

The Shining Feeling Series


Expand your own personal space of clarity and calm within The Shining Feeling. 


The impact of one energy healing session is profound. The journey of regular appointments acclimatizes you to stay in "The Shining Feeling" and allows that to become your new "gold standard" of ultimate self care. Receiving support is vital. 


Calibrating our nervous system to release the stagnant old energy, expands our ability to open to the new and bask in the beauty already here in our lives. From this place we can easily open to receive more and more effortlessly.

It's steady, gentle and consistent enough to support profound shifts that integrate smoothly and effortlessly until you can perceive "The Shining Feeling" everywhere! Move through, process and shed undeservingness and shame in order to access, stay within and expand your own personal experience of The Shining Feeling.


We will dive deep into these areas together.


1) Welcoming The Shining Feeling

  • From over giving to putting yourself first

  • From unworthiness to knowing your innate worth

  • Opening to receiving support from life and the people who truly care for you

  • Freeing yourself from past trauma

  • Revealing and clearing patterns from the past

  • From busyness to calm clarity

2) Staying in The Shining Feeling

  • Caring for your inner child

  • Fearlessly being you

  • Accessing and trusting your intuition


3) Expanding The Shining Feeling

  • Connections – Relationship as our greatest teacher

  • Energy Drainers

  • Boundaries and Advocacy

  • Offering others full responsibility for their lives

  • The power of intention

12 appointments

In person or Zoom $1500 or $125 per appointment

Heart Holding Appointment

I am here to hold your heart as you view how much your heart is holding.

Does anyone even know how much you are holding in your life? I would love to listen.

Exhaustion, anxiety, chronic pain, illness, overwhelm, injury and repeating traumatic experiences is the universe begging you to pause and give yourself time to reflect.

You are giving so much in so many areas. Have you taken stock of all the things you are holding on to? What are all the things you are keeping in your heart every day?

Everyone’s load has it’s own distinct combination and flavor; and items which have become more heavy and burdensome than they need to be. Whether it looks like children's needs, household tasks, ageing family members, friends with ongoing problems, household management, relationship dynamics, multiple business tasks, expanding community service, the to do list you hold in your heart is worthy of consideration.

I want you to know that I see you in the enormity of all this.

Sometimes unknowingly we hold onto more than is necessary.

Let’s look at that together with love and compassion and then let’s see if there’s anything that you’re holding unnecessarily so we can free up more space in your heart.

Life opens up when we put things down.

Jo opens a gentle and spacious place where you are safe to admit to yourself the load you are carrying. To realize the effects of over giving on your health and vitality. With Jo you can safely consider what parts of your load can be put down to allow more of the beauty and vibrancy of life to flow through you.

In Person (Greytown, New Zealand) or via Zoom $125

Flower Essences

Flower essences access deep fine energy within to clear, balance and bring us closer to The Shining Feeling. Receiving the support of flowers is natures gift along your journey into a vibrant and joy filled life.


  • Rose - Loving support

  • Hawthorne - Heart Healing

  • Apple - Clarity

  • Camelia - Abundance

$44 per essence

Jo Kempton

Living in The Shining Feeling

Energy Magic Energy Healer

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