I’m Jo Kempton and I don’t want us to ever think we are alone.

In my younger years, I had no idea I was an empath. As a very sensitive person highly attuned to the emotions of others, my burning desire was to “Change the World”! But the dry theoretical approach of my economics degree reduced the world to a plus/minus reality which offended my compassionate nature.

My economics classmate told me how disappointed he was in my lack of external success, I was searching for something I could do - outside of myself not realising that there was another way…

Then life began to lead me on a roundabout journey of awakening. I realized the most powerful way for me to change the world is to simply ‘Be Me’.

To inspire others by boldly and unashamedly being all I am. To step into all that I am and offer that as my gift to the world. As I am the most fully expressed version of myself possible – this is my medicine.

The harrowing disappointment of being turned away and unsupported at every bend when I was seeking assistance for my special needs son crushed me. It birthed in me the sheer will and determination to find a reservoir of strength that I hadn’t known was inside me.

I followed my intuition and continued into the unknown. It took every ounce of strength I had, and at times brought me to my knees. Over time my son and I have been connected to a network of experts and helpers who all have their piece of the puzzle. He now thrives surrounded by the support he deserves. I feel so blessed to be led and find how to open to support in my life!

When it came time to separate from my Sons Dad, I couldn’t tolerate any derisiveness. Together with my Ex, we made an agreement to be respectful towards each other and act with the highest intention for the good of our children in every decision.

I am sharing these things with you because I know the depths of despair, loneliness and pain during the awakening of consciousness (spiritual awakening/ego death) where suddenly nothing is as it seemed. I know how disorientating it is when nothing makes sense and life is full of confusion.

Through my loneliness and disappointment, I have found a place which I call ‘The Shining Feeling’. A place where the nervous system is calm, the mind is still and present, we can feel softness and gratitude because our hearts are open to Love and Joy." ❤

My experiences have forged a powerful commitment to truth and compassion within me. I provide a place where all of you is accepted and supported, where you can feel safe to be all that you are. As you lift the past to the surface and survey your own challenges, patterns, blocks and limiting beliefs – we will see new possibilities emerge in your life. Together you will feel supported to release any shame as you step forward into ‘The Shining Feeling’.


What I know:

Compassionate Truth sits quietly. In her presence, we know that there is no need to traverse the road of change alone. She is there when everyone else is gone and no one understands. We can feel from deep within, she will not leave.