I have been blessed with the gift of Clear Sight.

I am fortunate to be able to see where patterns and behaviours began (into the past), where they will lead (into the future), what is keeping others stuck in patterns and behaviours and the most powerful steps forward toward greater emotional, physical and energetic wellbeing.

I am able to see things which others do not.

I welcome this gift in my life although it can be challenging. It does however allow me to assist others on their own personal journey.

It gives me great joy to share this gift in my one to one Emotional Wellbeing and Energy Healing sessions.

I can assist you to let go of past challenges, balance your body, energy and emotions, open your intuition and get into the flow of life.


You will

Be Heard




and Loved


I believe that

Your feelings are valid

Your needs are valid

You are worthy of love and support

My specialty is in listening with full acceptance, focusing in on what is holding you back and shifting energy to allow you to move forward in life with lightness and ease.

New Zealand

Jo Kempton

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