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My Story

At the time I couldn't distinguish exactly when my life began to turn grey. The greyness built up as I tolerated moment after moment of seeming normalcy until a persistent fog overtook my life.

Running after others, feeling afraid and small and never having enough time for myself felt like a cloud of fog around me. I can see now that all the shame I couldn't process had built up and I just pushed myself harder to avoid how I felt inside.


This was fueling my pattern of endless over-giving. I would have no thought or care for myself until I felt fully depleted. I had no boundaries or ability to receive. Somehow harsh and critical words had become the norm for me. My intuitive knowing was stomped on after the words: “You’re wrong” were echoed so many times that I had come to believe it was true!

It broke me, and I opened up... Then what I can only describe as a glimmer of intuition lit up my way and I followed it. I was introduced to Energy Healing and it provided the means to calibrate my over-giving and the trauma that led me to that dynamic. Energy healing was able to softly and smoothly support me to adjust to the colour of life returning. Clarity and calm slowly became normal and now I'm devoted to introducing others to the Shining Feeling too.


As I stopped pouring my energy into others, I found how to pause and offer myself care. This turned around a decades long pattern of depleting myself. I was able to let go of the people who drained me and I welcomed new energy into my life. My relationships are now reciprocal, I am heard and respected for my contributions and life has a gentle pace that nourishes me and my family.

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