I’m Jo Kempton and for much of my life I felt incredibly alone.

In my younger years, I had no idea I was a psychic empath. As a very sensitive person who is highly attuned to the emotions of others, my burning desire was to “Change the World”! But the dry theoretical approach of my economics degree reduced the world to a plus/minus reality which offended my compassionate nature.

I experienced the deep disappointment of being turned away and unsupported at every bend when I was seeking assistance for my special needs Son. It birthed the sheer will and determination to find a reservoir of strength that I hadn’t known was inside of me.

I followed my intuition and was led to a network of experts and helpers who all provided a sacred piece of the puzzle. He now thrives surrounded by the support he deserves. I feel so blessed to know I am led and I can receive support into my life!

I am sharing these things with you because I know the depths of despair, loneliness and pain life can bring. I have found the ease, beauty and joy of feeling supported in life!

During my 6 years as an Energy Healer I have seen so many beautiful and positive results for my clients. I love guiding others to understand and feel the benefits of Energy Healing. As I see them step into their own experience of The Shining Feeling, I feel incredibly fulfilled. I have realized the most powerful way for us to change the world is to simply ‘Be who we really are’.


Through my Energy Healing sessions, I create a portal where others can access The Shining Feeling too.