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It happened to me!

I experienced Emotion Code Energy Healing 6 years ago. A friend in the US was able to shift my emotional baggage from afar using the Emotion Code, and the relief I felt was so profound I knew I needed to learn how to do it myself.

As I completed the case study appointments with others for my Emotion Code qualification, the changes I saw in those I worked with lead me to be inspired to open a business offering this gentle and effective method.

I have now been in business offering this powerful energy healing method for 5 years. The experience I have gained over hundreds of sessions allows me to quickly focus in on what is holding you back and to shift that energy, allowing you to move forward in life with ease and happiness.

If you'd like to work with me to clear emotional baggage that's holding you back you can book here



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Jo Kempton
Emotion Code Energy Healer


New Zealand

Jo Kempton

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