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My story

Jo Kempton is an Energy Healer and Self Care Advocate. With 8 years of experience in her energy healing work, Jo has seen the remarkable magic that is possible when we release the past and step into the present. Jo refers to this calmness, when our nervous system is at ease and we are fully present: ‘The Shining Feeling’. Jo is known for being a very kind, soft spoken and gentle Leader. Her presence creates an atmosphere of peace and her own journey moving out of chronic over giving tendencies has given her a powerful presence that reminds us all we can put some things down to really lighten up our lives.

With 8 years of Energy Healing client service and through healing my own compulsive over giving tendencies, my passion is supporting others to Welcome and Expand The Shining Feeling in their own lives.

Jo Kempton

Living in The Shining Feeling

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