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Client feedback gives me such joy


"I just wanted to say, I've been to lots of people over the years for all kinds of energy work but I've never felt such a palpable shift as after a session with you.  I feel truly lighter, clearer and uplifted this morning.   And even last night, I was already feeling the effects after we hung up.  Thank you so much xxx

Emma Newborn April 2021

"Wow thanks again so much Jo! Experiencing the transformation within the session with how much better I felt was amazing. Thank you for holding space for me and supporting me through this. I am so grateful" S - Dec 2020

"I see working with you as an essential part of life health and it being an ongoing journey"
C Nov 2020

"Thanks so much Jo. Your work is hugely beneficial to me and my whanau (family)"

T - February 2021

"Before I started working with Jo I was feeling very low. I’m usually a resilient and positive person, but life circumstances had got the better of me and I found myself, for the first time in my life, in a deep dark hole with no way to get out.

The transformation during and after my session with Jo was nothing short of miraculous. It was like someone  removed the boulder blocking my escape route and I could be me again. ME!

That week, I found the strength to cut ties to people and situations that had been weighing me down, making room for hope and love to re-enter my life. And this gift has stayed with me! It’s been months since I’ve spoken to Jo and I still feel that incredible lightness and confidence. The old me that had been buried for so long.

Thank you Jo, you are a powerful healer and I’ll be forever grateful for your help."


"The pain in my jaw has decreased from an 8/10 down to a 2/10." Thank you Jo

"I was completely astonished by the results from enlisting Jo's services in our family. We had some emotion code energy clearing done for my daughter and the results were outstanding! Within a couple of weeks of our last session she went from being angry and upset a lot to more calm, happy, grounded, centred and respectful. We couldn't believe the transformation. We highly recommend Jo's respectful, compassionate, thorough and considerate approach and will definitely be hiring her for more energy work in the future."
April 2020

"Jo, you are changing my life"


"I feel lighter almost hopeful. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way so something must be working. Thanks so much."


"I can't believe the positive impact our sessions have had. 
I feel so much clarity. 
I didn't expect how transformational it would be."

"I love to send people to you because you are amazing!  You saved me and helped me find my purpose. Love you xx"


Back pain severe 9/10 before session
Immediately after 6/10
½ hour later Much better, I can move and stand on one leg
5 hrs later pain 2/10
This back pain usually takes 4/5 days to clear



Neck pain from 5/10 before to 2/10 after
Neck stiffness from 8/10 severe to 4/10 after


"My whole world has turned on its axis"


"I felt a surge of confidence since our meeting, wanted to share with you."


"I am here to see you because my Mum and I have seen the change in my Mums’ friend and I thought you could help me too."

"My friend attributes her recovery from ME to The Emotion Code work you did with her"


"Getting back to a functional level after many years of ME. I haven’t felt this good in 23 years."

"I’ve never seen my Dad so happy after I had inherited trapped emotions cleared. Dad is blooming. I’m sure it’s to do with this work."

"My husband says thank you for giving his wife back"

"I am feeling joy again Jo"

"Things are going really well"

"That song on the radio no longer makes me crazy about my ex"

"I no longer think about my ex every day. This breaks a cycle of over 30 years."

"There has been a real shift, things have changed, things have lifted"

"I'm feeling much more clarity in life"

"I now remember something that happened to me over 40 years ago"

"I don't feel defensive any more"

"I'm not as triggered or reactive as I have been historically"

"Things seem to be coming together"

"Something has really shifted for me"


"Thank you for listening Jo"

"I gave myself a pay rise"

"My back felt really good after our last session"

"The block I had to financial abundance really seem to have lifted. Last week I had 6 people sign  up."

"The anxiety is nowhere near as bad as it used to be"

"Thanks so much for Friday I feel so much better"
Calming nervous system overcome by panic

"The Anger is not as intense"


"Sat down for a wine on Friday night with husband and there were no squabbles."


"I stopped drinking after our session and have not had a drink for 6 weeks"

"I feel more confident in myself. Not so stressed"

"Tummy not as much pain"

"Obsessiveness has lifted"

"Opened up to the possibility there may be someone else out there for me"

"Husband offered to help – not happened before"

I’m doing great, thanks to you. Awesome weekend with my family xx" 
K (March 2019)

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