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Empath Healer
The 13 Principles of Healing Presence
by Lysa Black

In this beautiful work Empath Healer, Lysa Black who embodies the presence of an Empath Healer, shares the knowledge she has gained from years of delving deep within to take her Empath gift from being a curse and a hidden characteristic to being her true accepted and celebrated nature which she shares with all in this book.

Are you someone who feels everyone else's feelings, the one in the room who is always making sure everyone else is OK, never considering yourself, and giving until you have no more to give? Do strangers tell you their life stories and then disappear without a trace? Do you feel others pain and emotions within your body?

Every time I open this book I find myself within and am guided to further bring the burden or shadow of this gift into the light to be accepted and celebrated. Thank you Lysa for this important and hugely useful book. I am so full of appreciation for you.

Now available on Amazon
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