The Shining Feeling

It’s a place I could only once dream of, that is now my everyday life! I invite and lead others closer to The Shining Feeling through my Energy Healing work.

The Shining Feeling has four key elements which feel so beautiful to me:
An open heart

A calm nervous system

Clear energy

✨ A still and present mind


As Energy Healing clears away the stuck energy we find ourselves able to spend more and more time in this incredible place

I can describe The Shining Feeling through some of the moments when I experience it:

When I feel the warmth and softness of my beloved pet on my lap.

When I find myself incredibly still as I witness a beautiful sunset.

When I feel the presence of my friend listening to me with no distraction or judgment.

When I feel my Son sitting beside me and his shoulder leans into mine.

The Shining Feeling is what can flow into our moments when we are calm, clear and open to life unfolding beautifully around us.

"Wow thanks again so much Jo! Experiencing the transformation within the session with how much better I felt was amazing. Thank you for holding space for me and supporting me through this. I am so grateful"

S - Dec 2020