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With 8 years of client service, I bring compassionate presence. My intuitive awareness brings forward exactly what is needed. Together we use clear intention to open up a calm and clear space for you. This is how we access a vortex of energy healing for you, for you to welcome in the shining feeling. In the beginning receiving support to access this is crucial.

My clients experience:

  • Freedom from Anxiety

  • Feelings of lightness like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders

  • Improved health

  • Improved boundaries

  • More ease and joy in relationships

  • Lifting of lifelong patterns of depression

  • Prioritising their own self-care

  • Heightened levels of self love

  • Releasing past patterns of overgiving

  • Recognizing new possibilities in their life

  • Opening to allowing and receiving support

  • Improved confidence and ability to speak their truth

  • Vibrancy and colour returning to their lives

  • Increased abundance in all areas of life

  • Increased confidence and trust in their own intuitive guidance

My dream is that everyone has access to this beautiful place "The Shining Feeling" where we feel calm and clear within. This allows life to appear in full colour and full vibrance.


As a highly sensitive Energy Healer, I am known for my soft voice, gentle care and kind presence as I guide you to welcoming the calming and soothing power of The Shining Feeling into your life.


"Something amazing has happened since you did the last clearing. I don't know what but everything is different. I don't feel like I'm fighting stuff and now it's gone I think I probably always was?!"


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