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Truth walks into the room

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Something very potent occurs when Truth shows up. When one person stands fully in their truth it dramatically changes the energy of a moment.

Truth brings forth a collective sigh of relief and a relaxing and grounding into who we really are. This relief is so potent that it allows all kinds of healing, shifting and transformation to take place.

The energy of this moment may be within a group or a gathering, a partnership, a family, a workplace, a friendship, an intimate relationship, a therapy room, a school, a business relationship or any place. The energy of one person standing fully in their truth can open a vortex which offers itself to everyone present.

When one person is courageous enough to show up in their truth, with all the vulnerability, pain, excruciatingness, wobbliness and tears, it cracks everything and everyone open and provides a vessel of absolute safety and compassion for all. As we witness another fully in the messiness of their truth, opening into a place where they do not know what is going to come next, we are invited to step forward with our hearts wide open with compassion and to hold them deeply and gently as they unravel. As we hold this place of compassion we feel our own scars soften and open to the possibilities contained within.

Holding another in their vulnerability and truth changes us all. The energy of safety and compassion begins a spiral of healing energy where all are welcome to step aboard. Knowing we are held safely and compassionately in our truth, and that we are invited to be all we are in that moment allows us to go deeper than we may have known to be possible, to keep delving, keep opening, keep trusting and shifting. We find that so much is connected, that our experiences swirl and kick as we are invited to dance into our shadow and invite it into the light to be gazed upon in all it’s anticipated ugliness.

Fear and horror may knock on the door but in the gentle gaze of truth and compassion we can continue to cast our line down deeper and deeper into the depths of what feels like the deepest and darkest part of the ocean of our soul. When we catch hold of what we know is the truth sitting right at the bottom we can begin to wind it closer with the assistance of compassionate truth.

Compassionate truth sits very still, she is calm, she is present, her heart is clear and open, she has a luminescence and a shine to her. She has a slight smile, her eyes are soft and she not going anywhere.

As more of the seemingly terrifying and paralysing new truth is reeled up from the deep it may writhe about in fear, it may pull and try to get away. As the one on the end of the line doing the winding we may be tempted to give in and let it go, to want to give up, let it run, back down, throw the line in as it is so terrifying to know we are bringing darkness up into the light to be gazed upon. It is utterly terrifying, we fear that we may die, that what is about to be revealed will kill us.

Compassionate truth continues to move in close and observe. She is still and there is an energy of love, kindness and acceptance around her, like a warm woollen blanket or an all-encompassing soft hug from a loving mother figure. Her eyes are gentle and her wisdom can be seen. All of her being is alert, present and bathed in a soft glow.

As this new truth is invited and sometimes dragged towards the surface there are flashes of what appears to be silver and rainbow colours. There is also a heaviness, a darkness, a seeming void which is glimpsed.

As the line is reeled in, the sweat pours, the heart beats fast, the back screams, the tears run, the legs scream and we lose control. All we are wants to run away, so scary is the thing which is being drawn up from the deep.

Compassionate truth continues to sit in calm silence. When we look closely we see that she is shining. She has a light around her and we know she is not going anywhere. We begin to trust that she is not leaving. That we are held and supported what ever horror may appear. We see that Compassionate Truth is not affected by what is going on for us. She is like a safe harbour in the centre of a fierce storm. She will never leave us. We are not alone. The New Truth which we believe contains so much darkness and that threatens to end everything continues to come closer. The endless winding continues.

There is no one else doing the winding for us, we must do it alone, but having Compassionate Truth sitting there with us gives us strength we did not know we had and we endure.

The flashes of silver continue to show themselves and for some reason begin to drown out much of the darkness we previously held so much fear and shame. As it draws close to the surface it feels like all our strength is gone but still we endure.

When the New Truth arrives it simply lies flat on top of the water. We can see it all. It is still. It is beautiful. It is right there in front of us. It shines and sparkles like a diamond in sunlight. As we open our squinting eyes very slowly, we see that we can look upon it without fear. We see that we can look at it without shame.

We see that the very thing we were so afraid of is not what we thought it was.

We wonder why we avoided it for so long. Why we avoided it for decades, a life time. We wonder why it has been avoided through the generations of our ancestry.

We see and know that we are at a turning point in our life. We see the New Truth. The New Truth is in fact the most beautiful thing we have ever seen.

It is a realisation. A coming home to ourselves. A new knowing.

It has not killed us as we imagined it would.

As we gaze on it we feel the light from it entering our very being. Integrating within us. We are gazing on this new truth which we were so afraid of. We now see it with such gentle compassion and we see it is part of us.

We feel it becoming part of us because we realise there is nothing to fear and that what lies within this new truth is precious to us. We take our time and sit with this new and beautiful truth which we were so afraid of and we allow it to integrate and become part of our very being. We feel its power and we know that because we have been so brave and courageous because of the compassionate support of truth we are forever changed. We breathe and sit quietly in this new place.

Life will never be the same.

When compassionate truth is in the room, we are held in love and acceptance as we bring our most feared and dark places into the light.

When these dark places are brought into the light they are given the space to be what they really are. It is surprising to find that in these dark places where so much fear and shame has resided that previously unknown treasure lies deeply buried. When this treasure is unearthed and we see it sparkle and shine, we are offered an opportunity for transformation.

Compassionate truth is Transformative.

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