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Rose holds an incredibly high vibration which powerfully supports the activation of your own personal Shining Feeling through the knowing of being truly loved.


Rose supports you in

Awakening to possibility

Feeling supported to take the next step

Being held in love

Taking heart centred action

Receiving intuitive guidance

Feeling held in the womb of the mother

Feeling safe to step into the unknown

Finding your own place

Feeling grounded and strong

Releasing fear and overwhelm

Allowing support

Feeling truly loved

Healing your Heart


Energetic components:

Infused with The Shining Feeling

Amplified with the loving vibrations of light language and crystal energy

Rose quartz providing loving support

Clear quartz providing amplification


The process of choosing your flower essence:

Your flower essence journey is personal to you.

Your essence will connect with the facets of your energy field requiring support and transformation.

Simply choose the essence you feel most drawn to.

If choosing for another feel into your own knowing to find what is most suitable for them

You can't get it wrong as all flowers provide loving support


How to use:

Use one to two sprays over the head to clear and support your energy field.

Spray high into the middle of the room and corners to clear your home and work spaces.

Spray onto chakras or pulse points to clear and balance your energy.

Spray above the bed for energetic support as you rest.

Spray once under tongue any time for powerful emotional and energetic support.


25ml Stock bottle

Can be used as is, or diluted into 50% water 50% vodka or brandy with 6 to 7 drops from stock bottle to make a dosage bottle. This gives an almost indefinite supply.


Other ingredients
Bore Water, Vodka (preservative)

Rose Flower Essence


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