Welcome! It's so lovely to have you here.

When everyone has so much going on, and life seems to be in chaos, it can be challenging to know who to turn to. 
When we need holding, our choice of where we turn can bring in lovely transformation or a great big messy painful tangle.

My absolute joy is to hold others in their most difficult and vulnerable times. To offer a space where big emotions can be safely experienced and held. In this place nothing needs to be done, there is no push, just softness, reassurance and space for you to find your balance.

Energy Healing is such a passion for me. I see that it can bring transformation to our deepest layers, especially those places where we've boxed up and pushed down our truth our feelings and our challenging experiences. It seems like when we push all this stuff down that it causes disruption in the natural flow of energy. Energy healing is such a beautiful way of getting all of this unstuck and getting our lives flowing again. 

I've found when our emotions are ignored they can get stuck and build up into something so much bigger. This can show up in life as feelings of anxiety, worthlessness, beliefs that we are don't deserve the life we long for, a sense of heaviness, feeling unable to move forward in life, physical symptoms and serious illness.

These are some of the things my clients have shared that they have experienced after energy healing:

✨ Sudden feelings of lightness and relief
✨ Profound life transformations
✨ Sudden realizations and aha moments
✨ The courage to speak their truth
✨ Letting go of situations which longer suit themSudden feelings of lightness and relief

"I just wanted to say, I've been to lots of people over the years for all kinds of energy work but I've never felt such a palpable shift as after a session with you.  I feel truly lighter, clearer and uplifted this morning.   And even last night, I was already feeling the effects after we hung up."

Emma N April 2021