I'm Jo Kempton and it gives me great joy to share my gift of Clear Sight with you.

After feeling deeply unseen and unimportant in my own life for a great length of time - I now enjoy being able to truly see people. As I look in, the patterns that restrict and restrain us from the ease and flow of a peaceful blessed life begin to unravel. Opening up a sacred flow that restores and replenishes our whole being.

The ability to see the intentions of others has kept me safe. The ability to see what others need and to provide it enabled me to be a highly responsive parent, friend, family member, partner and employee. But all of this left me burnt out and depleted for such a long time. No more.

Knowing that lies, bypassing and hiding of the truth weakens me to the point of collapse, means I am compelled to step fully and humbly into the truth of all I am. I see truth, I hold truth and I speak truth and I am now available to stand beside you as you step into yours. 


My clients tell me that they feel

  • Lightness

  • Relief

  • A weight off their shoulders

  • Calm

  • Uplifted

  • Transformed

  • Renewed trust in their intuition

  • New forward momentum


They say

  • How did you know that

  • That was spot on

  • I feel so much better

  • I feel so much clarity

  • I didn't expect how transformational it would be

  • I am so grateful

  • Thank you

With Compassionate Truth standing with you this transformation is deeply nourishing and replenishing.

If you are feeling curious you can book your complementary 15 minute Moving Forward Reflection call where you will feel deeply seen and valued.

So much love to you.

Jo x

New Zealand

Jo Kempton

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