Energy Healing brings transformation to our deepest layers.

The places where our truth, feelings and certain experiences have been boxed up and pushed down over a lifetime disrupt the natural flow of energy and create blockages in our energy field.

When emotions are ignored and disregarded they can build up into something far bigger than they really are. Stuck energy is a result of stifled emotion and can manifest as feelings of anxiety, depression, worthlessness, and overwhelm.

This can result in a sense of being held back and can cause relationship difficulties, grief, shame, financial issues, workplace stress, family conflict and physical pain.

My clients have shared that they have experienced:

  • Increased clarity and forward momentum

  • Sudden realizations and aha moments

  • Improved confidence and ability to speak their truth

  • Viewing new possibilities for their life

  • More ease and joy in relationships

  • A release of troubling symptoms (which may have been present for a while)

  • An ability to look back at past challenges without further trauma

  • Letting go of disruptive emotions (e.g. anger, feelings of shame and unworthiness)

  • Letting go of disruptive patterns of behaviour (eg overspending, relationship sabotage, need to control others, being controlled by others, having their energy depleted by others)

  • An open and clear heart which is able to give and receive love

  • Decrease in physical and emotional pain

  • A calm nervous system

"I just wanted to say, I've been to lots of people over the years for all kinds of energy work but I've never felt such a palpable shift as after a session with you.  I feel truly lighter, clearer and uplifted this morning.   And even last night, I was already feeling the effects after we hung up."

Emma N April 2021


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