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Welcoming The Shining Feeling

When life turns a dull grey we sometimes don't even notice. But as the color fades we can lose our sense of clarity and calm within. This can look like:

  • Ongoing Anxiety

  • Working too hard

  • Lacking boundaries

  • Losing connection to yourself

  • Shouldering excessive responsibility

  • Lacking self care

  • Feeling unsupported

  • Doing too much

  • Multiplying traumatic experiences

  • Unhealthy and draining relationships


There is a point where we realize we can't tolerate the grey anymore. Energy Healing provides the soft and nurturing support to start coming back into full colour!


When our nervous system is calm, our energy is clear and our hearts are open and receptive we can perceive the peace, joy and love in every day. I now describe this place as The Shining Feeling.


It's my absolute passion to support others to experience the clarity, calm and lightness of The Shining Feeling

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